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Information Corner (Scholarship To A UK University)

How To Get A Scholarship To A UK University - Self Help
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There are many sources of funding if you want to study in the UK.TheBritish Government and other UK organisations provide a number ofscholarships and awards for international students.

A. Who should I approach?
-Start with your own Ministry or Department of Education. It should beable to give you information about the funding available.
-The British Council. They may have an office in your own country and will tell you about the relevant schemes.
-If there's no British Council locally, try the British Embassy orHigh Commission.

B. How Do I Apply?
-Many grant-making organisations have strict requirements which youmust meet so read the conditions carefully.
-Apply for your grant at least one year before the start of yourcourse and make sure you know the deadline for applying.
-Fill in the application form clearly and concisely. Use thegrant-making body's application form if there is one.

Useful tip: The grant-making bodies usually award only small amountsof money, which will not cover the full cost of tuition fees andliving expenses, so make sure you have enough money for your fees andliving needs. It's nearly impossible to organise financial help once you're here and you may be refused UK entry without proof ofsufficient funds.

C. Scholarship Sources:
-British Chevening Scholarships
-Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowships Plan (CSFP)
Funded by the Department for International Development and the Foreign
& Commonwealth Office for citizens of a

Commonwealth country or aBritish dependent territory.
-British Marshall ScholarshipsFor US citizens under 26 years of age, graduated from a US university.
-Charles Wallace Manchester Merit AwardFunded jointly by four of the region's universities, the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust provides awards for one-year postgraduate students who are resident in Pakistan and have been accepted for ataught Masters course.

For further information contact ScholarshipsFunded by the Department for Education & Employment and the US government. or http://www.iie.%20org/
-Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS)
For full-time postgraduate students undertaking research. Selection is by academic merit and research potential only, so you can applywhatever your nationality or finances. The grant will meet thedifference between the home and overseas tuition fees, so you'll onlyhave to pay home fees and your living costs.

For further information contact Clare Holdcroft:mailto:C.Holdcroft@
-Royal FellowshipsFor post-doctoral scientists undertake research in the UK.
-Canon Foundation Research Fellowships to Europe and JapanResearch Fellowships to post-graduate European and Japanese researchers
-Council for Assisting Refugee AcademicsCARA makes small grants to help refugee academics rebuild their livesand careers in the UK.

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